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Anonymous: Could I have an imagine where harry and I go to the movies with the other boys and he fingers me and the other boys catch us? Thanks!


Here you go, you didn’t tell me your name so I used y/n. I hope you like it-Jessica

You Go To the Movies: Dirty

You and Harry were going to the movies with the rest of the boys. All day Harry had been shooting you looks and you knew what those looks mean. They meant that Harry wanted you and he wanted you bad, you apply some lipgloss and walk downstairs.

“Harry, are you ready to go? The boys are waiting on us” you say.

“Yeah” he says.

He grabs you around the waist and pulls you towards him.

“You look amazing” he says kissing down your neck.

“Harry stop, we can’t do this right now. These boys are waiting for us at the theater” you say.

“They could wait a little longer” he says.

You pull away from him and laugh.

“Behave Styles” you say grabbing his hand.

You guys head out the door to the theater, where the boys were waiting for you. Everyone else was already there by the time you and Harry arrived.

“So what movie are we seeing?” Niall asks.

“What about ‘Need for Speed?’ Liam asks.

After a few more minutes of trying to decide what movie to see, you all head into the theater. Once inside, Liam, Niall, and Louis all decided to get snacks. While you, Harry, and Zayn went to look for seats, you guys decide on seats near the back. Liam, Niall, and Louis come back with their arms full of snacks.

“Niall couldn’t decide what he wanted so we got one of everything” Louis says passing stuff out.

You all settle in to watch the movie but soon Harry was up to his old tricks. You felt his hand start to make its way up your dress and you quickly cover it and shoot him a look.

“What’s wrong babe?” he asks you.

“Don’t play games with me Styles, you know what you’re doing” you say.

He chuckles and goes back to watching the movie, after a few minutes though his hand was back to sliding up your dress. You shoot Harry a look but soon come undone when his fingers slide against you.

“Harry” you whisper.

He just looks at you and winks; he moves your underwear aside and slips a finger inside of you. You moan but quickly cover your mouth with your hand. He starts to pump his fingers in and out and you clutch onto the armrest for dear life. You let out a breath and a small moan as Harry’s fingers keep working their magic. Harry starts to whisper things in your ear and you moan, you can feel yourself getting closer to the edge. With one final pump, you come undone and your body shakes in pleasure. Harry pulls his fingers out and licks them clean while maintaining eye contact with you. He winks at you and you just shake your head. The movie ends and you all stand up and gather your stuff together.

“What did you guys think of the movie?” you ask.

“I don’t know because I couldn’t hear anything over your moaning y/n” Niall says.

You blush and Liam shoots you a wink.

“Who knew you could be so vocal y/n” Liam says.

Harry chuckles and you hit him on the arm.

“It’s not funny” you say.

“So I’m curious, if the movie had been longer would you have given Harry something in return?” Louis asks.

You shake your head, “I’m not answering that.”

“I’m taking that as a yes then” Louis says.

Zayn laughs and you shoot him a look, he shrugs.

“Don’t get mad at me, you were the one getting your freak on in the theater” he says.

“We were not getting our freak on” you say.

“Yeah Zayn, Harry’s fingers were getting their freak on” Niall says with a laugh.

“Hey” Harry says. “These fingers are magic.”

He wiggles his fingers and the boys all burst out in laughter.

“Never again” you whisper to Harry.

“That’s not what you’re going to be saying later tonight” he whispers.

“Oh, we are not doing that tonight mister. The boys will expect you my friend are sleeping on the couch” you say.

You walk away to the car leaving Harry and the boys staring after you. You hear two smacks and a ow.

“What was that for?” Niall asks.

“You guys just blew my chances of getting any” Harry says.

“It’s not our fault your fingers got horny” Zayn says.

Harry rolls his eyes and follows after you with the boys all doubled over in laughter.

You Go To the Movies: Dirty

Haha oh gawd thags embarrasing but funnny

Fix A Heart - Chapter Six


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five 

            As Harry drove down the long driveway his eyes were glued to the pavement in front of him. His right hand was planted on top of the steering wheel, while his other hand gripped his knee. He looked angry.

            “Are you alright?” I whispered, clasping my hands together on my lap.

            He nodded, keeping his eyes focused on the road.

            I began to fumble with the bottom of the hoodie. I felt scared, but I was even more nervous. Harry probably wanted nothing to do with me, and here I was, begging him to stay with me so I wouldn’t have to be alone.

            Silent minutes passed and I fought to keep my eyes open. Waves of tiredness threatened to drown me. Shit, its 3:34 A.M.

"Sleep, we won’t be there for another thirty minutes," Harry says at a stop light, his eyes finally finding mine.

            Something in his voice convinced me I was safe, so I pulled my knees to my chest and closed my eyes.

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Perrie and girls like her piss me off! Who the fuck are you to call Zayn a freak? He already jas enough shit as it is and he doesn’t need her adding more fire to it. Her fame thirsty fake ass needs to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up. She has no right to be telling his business…

What the fuck happened? !

Artist: 40-Year-Old Direction


So I modulated “Little Things” down a few steps so that I could sing above it in a comfortable key and I accidentally turned all 5 boys into manly macho men.